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  • How many times have you stood in line at Best Buy clutching some new gizmo and felt like channeling Teddy Roosevelt riding up San Juan Hill by hollering, “Charge!” Obscure historical reference aside, all too often we are quick to reach for our credit cards to make a purchase without regard to the implications. Those […]

  • Weddings are pricey for everyone involved. The average marriage celebration rings in at around $26,000. But it isn’t just the couple that incurs costs — so do the wedding guests. American Express Spending and Saving Tracker reports that on average, wedding guests spend $703 each. Don’t get me wrong: It’s an honor and privilege to […]

  • With summer fun on the way, is finding extra money on your mind? Whether it be money for that designer pair of sunglasses, a weekend getaway and a few cute sundresses — or just to have some cash jingling in your pocket — most people could use extra money. Summer is a good time for […]

  • Ready for another piece on the love-hate relationship between millennials and money? Take a deep breath, folks. In a recent study, The College Investor calculated the average millennial net worth between 2003 and 2016, and here’s what they came up with. Screenshot from TIME As you can see, the numbers shrink every year, with the […]

  • Older people tend to think their lives really began at age 25, but recent college grads might feel like it’s the beginning of the end. That’s not surprising, considering the financial hardship that can come along with paying for a college education. It’s not just college, however — there are a number of other factors […]

  • The topic of healthcare in the United States has been a hot debate in recent years. With the introduction of the Affordable Care Act and the government’s own healthcare marketplace, U.S. citizens from all corners of the nation are scrambling to make sure they have the proper insurance. However, act too quickly and you might […]

  • In 1916, Jeannette Rankin was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives, a full four years before all women were given the right to vote. Even though we were given equal rights when it comes to voting in 1920, mostly thanks to the work done by Representative Rankin and the Women’s Suffrage Movement, we’ve been […]

  • It’s a no-brainer, right? Buying in bulk saves you money. It’s true… some of the time. Warehouse stores offer some great deals. Groceries stores have been selling scoop-your-own foods in bulk sections for years. Now many are also adding bulk aisles. While there are reasons to take advantage of these prices, there are also reasons […]

  • When you live paycheck to paycheck, it feels impossible to save any money. Forget a rainy day fund: Rainy days seem to appear out of nowhere to take your money. However, you can do little things that will make a big impact on your ability to save money. All it takes is patience, ingenuity and […]

  • Vacations are usually an incredible expense for families. Most people save all year in order to take one trip, so there’s a lot of pressure to make it count! With a little planning and some compromises, you can actually make paying for your trip a lot less stressful. Choose Your Timing Everything about a vacation […]

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