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  • Out of all the components of investing, initial public offerings are arguably the most exciting. A company that goes public is full of promise without any of the baggage that plagues other stocks. The hype is high for an IPO, and the future always looks bright. Investors often want to get in as early as […]

  • Summer is coming, and Memorial Day heralds the start of BBQ season. A barbecue is a classic way to celebrate and get the family together, but feeding so many people becomes expensive. The best barbecues can be done cheaply while remaining low-maintenance. That way you are able to spend time with your family and friends, […]

  • After much struggle and strife, you’ve finally done it. You’ve been working your dream job for some time now — and loving every moment. Don’t let success give you a false sense of security, though. Here’s a hypothetical scenario to keep you on your toes: If your boss gave you a heads up that your […]

  • To a pet owner, having a sick animal family member is a worst-case scenario. Besides not being able to explain to the pet what’s going on, or communicate to them with words to find out what’s wrong, pet owners may run into financial challenges. Pet insurance can reduce some of the costs of animal care, […]

  • Although women have come a long way throughout history, we still tend to fall behind men when it comes to personal finance. Unfortunately this is not limited to only one area of personal finance. In general, women earn less and invest less than men. One silver lining is that women do seem to have a […]

  • Going out to eat on a birthday is a time-honored tradition by many people. Birthdays bring together friends and family, so going out to eat saves all the cooking. But at the end of the meal, an awkward dilemma rears its head: Whose responsibility is it to pay? Unfortunately, there’s no set rule on who […]

  • Financial advice can be a wonderful thing that sets you on the right path for the future. However, there are times when financial advice from smart and knowledgeable people needs to be taken with a grain of salt or outright ignored. Even professionals don’t always have the best idea of what’s best for you. Sometimes […]

  • Dealing with debt is a worrying experience. Money problems are the leading stressor for Americans, causing all sorts of problems from headaches to heartburn. Our debt makes us feel weak and helpless. Making things even worse, some people even prey on that vulnerability that we feel. Debt collection scams lead victims to believe that they […]

  • When you’re young, it’s easy to think you don’t need insurance. After all, you’re healthy, strong and have your whole life ahead of you. Even if you get into a few scrapes here and there, you can bounce back in a jiffy, right? Actually, that’s exactly why you need insurance. Living life to the fullest […]

  • Oh, money troubles. Unless you have a trust fund and grew up summering in Newport, you’ve probably had financial worries at one point or another. Twentysomethings often have it the worst, thanks to ballooning student loan debt and relatively lower-paying, entry-level jobs that make it difficult to keep up. Financial stress can also wreak havoc […]

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